blue and white ceramic round decor
blue and white ceramic round decor

Individual Life Coaching or Spiritual Coaching - Are you stuck? Need some help finding your purpose? Packages available for 2/4/6 months.

Energy Clearing Session- For Body- 1 hour session where I teach you how to clear your chakras and body energy in person or online - For home- space clearing/house blessing.

Meditation/Paint parties- gather some friends over to learn about meditation and paint while doing so.

Cacao Ceremony- gather some friends to experience what Cacao can do for you.

Group coaching in person or online- Classes start soon. If you have 5 or more interested friends, I can set up something on your schedule.

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring
woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Descriptions of Services...

Paint & Meditation Class-

Invite some friends over for an evening of painting and meditation. We will start with a mindfulness meditation and learn dot painting as a way to unplug your mind. Make earrings or a keychain/pendant while listening to meditational music.

Class time- 90 mins Cost- $20 per person Minimum 8 people please

Ceremonial Cacao meditation-

Gather some friends for a fun morning or afternoon learning about and taking part in a Ceremonial Cacao meditation. Learn about this incredible plant with it's history and health benefits then take part in a gratitude ceremony. Due to the caffeine content in the cacao, I recommend this for a daytime activity.

Class time- 90 mins Cost- $25 per person. Minimum 8 people please.

Menu of Services

green orange and blue abstract painting
green orange and blue abstract painting

Energy clearing for the body-

Everything is made of energy. Energy can range from dark to light. Dark energy is lower energy and fear based whereas light energy is higher vibrational and rooted in love. Since our bodies are also high in water percentage that makes us great conductors of energy in other words we attract energy.

Energy clearings help us to clear out lower vibrational energies to make room for higher vibrational ones. The goal is to align your energies and connect you with Divine or Source energy. We need to have a high vibration to attract other high vibrations.

In this session we work with your chakras (energy centers) to clear and cleanse them. I will teach you about them and ways you can clear them and learn to heal yourself. We then discuss what I "saw" and ways for you to improve your vibration.

Cost- $70 Time- 1 hour

black iPhone 7
black iPhone 7

Life Coaching or Spiritual Coaching-

Need to make some changes in your life but need some help? Some accountability? I can help you sort through your limiting beliefs and get to where you are excited about your life again. Life beats us down and sometimes you need a little coaching to get back in the game.

Initial consult -free 10 min phone call Individual session- $75 for 1 hour. Packages available for 2/4/6 months once a week for 1 hour or I can work with your budget.