Wake Up! Post #4

Who is really in control right now?


6/13/20223 min read

Someone asked me where I do most of my research. I turned off all MSM and turned to alternative news channels. I stopped using Google and Firefox and even now Duck, Duck, Go seems to be infiltrated and started using Brave but there may be other search engines out there that report honest searches. I closed my Facebook account when I saw the censoring by way of “Fact Checking”. I started following podcasters and branching off from their interviews. I joined Telegram and now Truth Social (haven’t really gotten into this much). The bottom line is that when MSM and some of the search engines are owned by the same companies then you are not getting fair reporting. It no longer becomes news reporting but propaganda and mind control.

Personally, I still don’t believe everything I read/hear until I have done more research by hearing it from other trusted sources, praying and using discernment to know the truth. I will refer back to my previous post that since most of our history has been distorted, it is hard to know what truth is, but I feel that even if only 10% of what I have researched becomes actual truth, then I am ok with that. This is a military operation, and I don’t expect we will know the truth about everything until it is over.

Stolen elections, fake inaugurations, MSM still bashing the last President and Covid-19 is running rampant for the 2nd flu season, things were not looking good. Finally, I found something to hope for. I came across the following video from Scott McKay which laid out the plans for what was happening. This was a military plan. Before you watch this video, let me first state that I am not trying to convince anyone to become a Trump fan. I certainly wasn’t for the 2016 election BUT when the choice was Trump VS Hillary it made my choice easier. I am asking you to listen to these videos with an open mind and make your own decision on whether you think this is a military operation or not. I do not believe any of this is party politics. I believe both parties have been so badly infiltrated that we need to put those aside and come together as Americans. Please watch.

**Please note- all the videos I post are people’s opinions based on their research. I’m not saying that I agree 100% with everything they all say but when you combine it with other people’s videos or research it does make you think there is something to it. Please watch and decide for yourself. No one knows the timelines of when this military action will be revealed. Many speculate but only a very small few know the dates.

Here is another video that confirmed there was an agenda being played out. Trump has been used to pull it off. Unfortunately, it's not letting me upload the clip so here is the link to it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/UNb2wwY8udMb/

If you combine what you have learned above with the Q plan which has been talked about even in the MSM, then the pieces start making more sense. For those who have never heard of Q, in the fall of 2017 mysterious posts started appearing in an anonymous website called 4chan. These posts were cryptic in nature and seemed to be written by some individual(s) who had military Q (highest level) clearance. You can read them at www.qalerts.app. I don’t pretend to understand these posts as most of them don’t make much sense to me. They use a lot of dates and abbreviations and many, many double (or more) meanings. The purpose of these, in my opinion, was to get people to start researching to better understand how the world has been led by a very sinister agenda. I’ll stop for now and let you catch up with the videos.

Disclaimer- These blog posts are for entertainment purposes only. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. It’s time we come back to critical thinking.

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yellow and white 10 card