Wake Up! Time to get to work! Part 2

Follow along as we research into these times we are in!


6/8/20223 min read

I started running across videos on people’s Facebook posts before the heavy censorship started. One was posted by a Yugoslavian woman with a warning for Americans. If you read the comments, some people discredit her (I have no way to disprove her) but if you listen to her description of what happened in European communist countries, you will see the same tactics have been used here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQkbOZpzUcI

Another post was a podcast by a Canadian woman named Polly who did incredible investigative work into the connections between the big players in this mess that our world is in. She dug into Big Pharma, the WEF, charitable foundations and current news trends. See her videos at www.amazingpolly.net. I found that while her work was amazing, I was getting more and more upset finding out the corruption and not knowing who/what was taking care of it all. How were we going to get ourselves out of this mess? We have been led as a society to believe that someone else will fix it. It seemed that not one aspect of society had been immune from this “Deep State Cabal”. I have found out that several attempts were made to correct society, but those had ended in assassinations.

From Polly’s videos I learned of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and studied their website. I learned about their plan (The Great Reset) to depopulate the planet and the players involved in this scheme were big. I recommend you do some research on Klaus Schwab. His voice makes my skin crawl. When you search the website’s “Partners” (https://www.weforum.org/partners#search) you will find that during the lockdown portion of Covid-19, the Partners corporations all got to remain open but the small guys were closed down, many permanently. Each video of Polly’s had me jotting down notes and names to research on my own, in hopes of finding out that this was all some Hollywood movie that had “punked” me. I just kept sinking deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, cities were burning, and riots were taking place, BLM surfaced and if you didn’t follow that narrative then everyone hated you. I searched frantically for someone to save us, fix this mess, and make it go away. I was quickly losing hope.

A podcast I had listened to referred to this brilliant documentary produced by 2 women from the Netherlands, Janet Ossebard and Cinthia Koeter. Out of all of the documentaries I have watched over the past few years, it is by far my favorite. If you research nothing else that I recommend, at least to watch these. They put out the original 10-part series and then followed up with a sequel which is up to 23 parts by now and still coming out. Search for The Fall of the Cabal or click these links. I will warn you that it is a lot of difficult subject matter so proceed at your own pace. Write notes, pray, meditate, process portions at a time. You will begin to see there is hope to what is going on.



While I was researching politics, Big Pharma, elites, royalty and the Vatican, other oddities were happening…. water near the Dead Sea in Jordan was turning red, locusts were swarming in Africa and then Trinidad and Tobago. These things caused me to start looking at the end times theories from the Bible. Could it be? Are we there? I re-read scripture and I read books on end times prophecy and started to worry that I had missed the “boat”. The only problem it seems like all believers had missed the boat too! I couldn’t imagine the world could get much worse and this not be the end that had been prophesied.

opened book on brown field during daytime
opened book on brown field during daytime