Wake Up! Post #5

If this is a military operation, who is the enemy?


6/15/20222 min read

I think the best way to learn about this is through the video series I mentioned in an earlier post, The Fall of the Cabal Sequel. In particular, videos 1, 2 and 3 go into great detail of the history of the Cabal also called the Deep State. I will try to do my best to summarize what she explains but listen to her videos as she does an incredible job, and they are less than 30 minutes each. My apologies that this platform does not like me attaching some of these bitchute videos so here is the link. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NmZQzS92SSZq/

We will need to go back to biblical times, where the ancient Sumerians worshiped Baal (AKA Moloch, Lucifer, etc.) and they performed many evil practices including child sacrifice. They are believed to have come from Noah’s son, Japheth. Sumer civilization extended from Canaan and Babylon and north into Russia and Ukraine. They were called the Khazarians. Think Khazakistan. In the year 600, the Russian ruler did not like their Luciferian practices and told them they had to convert to one of the three religions: Islam, Christianity or Judaism. They chose Judaism but added their Luciferian beliefs to it. They now called themselves Judeans. Later when they still wouldn’t stop their Luciferian practices, the Russian ruler tried to wipe them out, but they made an exodus through Europe and again changed the name to Ashkenazi Judeans. They vowed to take revenge on Russian and Jews. One such Khazarian family was the Rothschilds who settled in Germany.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

In the 1700’s, there was a meeting in Germany between Mayer Rothschild and the Khazarian bankers in order to start a plan for world domination. This meeting combined the Rothschild bankers with the military arm of the Jesuits to start a one world government. (Is this starting to sound familiar? New World Order?) A young Jesuit trained man named Adam Weishaupt was chosen to implement their plan.

He started an organization which would eventually become the Order of the Illuminati. This organization started wars and funded both sides. They manipulated money to benefit themselves and bankrupted the independent banks and all the people. They infiltrated various royal bloodlines to take them over. I will show you in later blog posts how they came to take over the United States government as well.

I know this sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory, but theories can’t be proven. Again, this is centuries of history that I have condensed into a 3 minute read. Please watch the video link above. The names below are important.

Video of Pope Francis kissing the hands of members of the Rothschild family. Seems like it should be the other way around, unless they are more powerful than the Pope?