Wake Up! Post #7

History and it's lies

6/28/20222 min read

So your next question should be if we are ruled by these elites and 3 corporations, how come we don’t know about it? This is the part where you will start shaking your head in disbelief. I know that I sure did. When you start to look at who owns what in the world, you will see that the main stream media is controlled by 6 giants. When you can control what the people see and hear then you can control their thinking.

The more I researched the more I found evidence I couldn’t deny it. I encourage you to do the same. I only am giving you a short blog post but literally everything in history can and should be examined.

Monopoly Documentary by Tim Gielen

So let's take a look at our history. Start with the theory about the Titanic and the Olympic ships being switched and that the Olympic actually sank not the Titanic. I have read several accounts both pro and con about the switching. I’m asking you to consider that maybe it is not so far-fetched. When you consider that J.P. Morgan owned the line and just happened to be involved with the creation of the Federal Reserve system. It does seem coincidental to me that this event happened just before the creation of the Federal Reserve system and some prominent bankers were on the ship. Consider also that J.P. Morgan cancelled his trip on the Titanic claiming illness but was seen two days later looking well. Perhaps he knew what was about to happen? Consider also that the sinking of the ship happened to occur on the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination on April 14th. We won’t know for sure until the truth finally gets told but when you research and I encourage you to do so, there are too many red flags on this one. I thought this website had some good points.


Now let’s look at the 9-11 conspiracy, we were told the lie that planes flown by terrorists were directed into the buildings.

Video of Bush at school when planes hit building. Notice his demeanor when told the buildings have been hit… he doesn’t react? Is this normal? And listen to the recitation by the children. It sounds like a spell to me. If it’s a spell, why? What purpose?

This is another good one that compiles lots of video footage. Watch and decide for yourself.


It has been said that the term “conspiracy theory” was started in 1967 by the CIA in order to discredit anyone who did not follow their narrative. After all the research I have done, I would not trust ANYTHING the CIA has done so I would say that if MSM says something is a conspiracy theory then they are trying to deflect from the truth and there has to be truth to it.