Wake Up! Post #6

Who and what are the three corporate states that run the world?

6/20/20223 min read

By looking at the history of the Illuminati in the last post, you can see how far back this story goes. If you are familiar with the Bible, you can see how parts of our current story are prophecies being fulfilled.

There are 3 corporations that run the world, the City of London, the District of Columbia and the Vatican. All three have no national authority, pay no taxes, have separate laws, their own police and their own flag. These three corporations control politicians, the courts, education, media, natural resources and money flow. London controls the money, Washington controls the military and the Vatican controls religion. Their goal is to rule the world AFTER they have depopulated it. If you haven’t looked at the New World Order that I talked about in Post #2 then please do. Also look into the Georgia Guidestones, a monument to their global plan.

Washington Monument with strange circles around it.
Georgia guidestones and you can see they are serious about population reduction.

All three city states have an obelisk monument in its center. This is occult symbolism dating back to ancient times and represents a phallic symbol. It is said the Vatican obelisk is in inside a circle representing a vagina and as you can see from the picture of the Washington monument it also has circles around it.

I will attempt to show some evidence of the Vatican’s use of symbols. I also have a link for a downloadable ebook with lots of photos about transhumanism. This man breaks it down to show the symbology behind the art. See https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfouJuNfUErGZ6lbPqh0Esg for Jonathan Kleck where he breaks down a lot of the symbols. I put this information out for you to research and decide for yourself. I am not asking you to convert to his religious ideologies. I am merely presenting what he sees, and I think he has been pretty thorough.


The picture below is the backdrop of the chair of St. Peter from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome that I took. If you happen to download the book I referred to above, he highlights things in this book about this picture that make sense when he explains it. Also take a look at these photos from the Vatican’s reptilian hall. Strange artwork for a Christian religion in my opinion.

St. Peter's Chair at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Lots of symbolism here.
Papal Audience hall with it's serpent theme, even the head is half serpent. Strange artwork for a Christian religion?

I realize these photos may be difficult to see for many people. I had a hard time believing this could be true but the more I went down the rabbit hole, the more I could not "unsee". I can now see how most of our history has been falsified. I will continue with this on my next post.

Search the internet for more pics of Popes doing these hand gestures. This is not the first Pope to do this. Too many to be coincidental.