Wake Up! Post #9

Hollywood and their part in the agenda

7/14/20226 min read

Let’s explore the Hollywood connection to what is going on and their role in this sinister agenda.

I actually had a lot of difficulty with this portion of my research because I just couldn’t believe that such evil existed. I hope that you will digest this slowly and take the time to do your own looking. It’s easy to call someone a conspiracy theorist when we don’t want to believe what they are saying could be true. (Actually, that term was coined in the 1960’s by the CIA, you will soon see and hear about the many things that the CIA covered up as a way to deflect attention from a truth.)

While I was researching the Illuminati, I started to see there were a bunch of signs and symbols used by the elites. Most of us regular folk would not know what they meant so it was a safe way to identify themselves. There are a whole set of pedophilia symbols used as well to identify each other. I won’t go into all of the signs and their meanings, but I was shocked by how many were openly identifying.

Google puts it right out there but most don't know.

This video depicts what is expected once you sign contracts and decide to become famous. In essence, they are selling their soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. I was astonished by how huge this is. Feel free to search on your own. There are too many stories out there for this to not have some truth. I do not believe that once they have a picture taken with a hand sign that they are doomed for the rest of their life, but it is a big indicator of who has sold out. It’s not just Hollywood either, it’s the music industry as well. I’ve even seen some videos with Lucille Ball and Dean Martin and other old timers doing Illuminati signs so that tells you this is not new!


This is another video I recommen by Altiyan Childs, Australian X Factor winner. He did a long video (5 hours but fast forward so you can get an idea) on the Freemasons and it is very thorough.

In the last few years, you may have noticed that many celebrities look very different. I don’t mean a little nip or tuck. I mean seriously different! Emaciated- older-unhealthy. Any idea why? Let’s take a look at Adrenochrome. The elite drug of choice. This is going to be a difficult one for many. My intention is not to make this a shock video but to do a quick overview. You really need to dig further to understand. Adrenochrome is made from the blood of children mostly (younger is better I guess) who have been so traumatized that their adrenal glands produce an abundance of adrenaline. I have seen evidence of adrenochrome production facilities where they list the child’s age, how much they can produce and how much longer they will be used. The blood is then extracted and injected into the rich and famous in order to stay young and healthy. When the supply is cut off (which is what is happening lately) then rapid aging occurs.

Map of a CYM Corporation facility. Read the building titles.

Lots of stuff on this company out there.

Hollywood has long been guilty of predictive programming. The Simpsons cartoons has been heavy into this I hear. I have never watched that show so I don’t have first-hand knowledge. The 1998 movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp depicted adrenochrome use but not many of us knew that Hollywood puts out information in a format that we think is just entertainment. Those who practice the occult like to show you what they are doing.

Lady Gaga pictured with panda eyes- I won’t explain that here but search for Lady Gaga panda eyes and you can read for yourself. This one made me cry..

Here is Madonna performing in 2019 just prior to Covid-19. At about the 4 minute mark the dancers have gas masks on and she then sings about “not everyone is coming to the future”.

Go search Royal Hunting parties and compare that to the movie The Hunger Games. The 2012 movie The Amazing Spider Man talks about vaccines which seems predictive to me. I would guess that most drama or thriller movies have truths in them. My husband and I have discussed my research and he has been able to tell me movies that predicted what I have found. I had heard it said that The Matrix was not a movie but a documentary. I finally watched it this year and yes, I can see that.

In my beginning days of research in 2020, I came across a list of executions that had already taken place. Many celebrities, politicians and royalty were on that list. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing and who may have concocted such a bizarre list. Certainly someone would have sued them for false information, right? I went further down the rabbit hole and then even further again.

This came from the website linked below. It has an enormous amount of information.


The above link does an amazing job of putting all the information in one place. I highly recommend that you check it out. For a quick summary, once Donald Trump took office, he began putting laws into place and cracking down on human trafficking. He also expanded the size of Guantanamo Bay to prepare for what was going to happen. If you are a hardcore Trump- hater, then I would hope that for just the fact that he has done incredible good in the fight against human trafficking you may soften a little. I have heard that this now surpasses the drug trade in dollar volume. Over 40,000,000 people worldwide are trafficked each year. That is the size of an entire large country (think like Spain) going missing each year!

You can learn more about child trafficking on this website at Operation Underground Railroad. The story of Tim Ballard is quite an incredible one. There is a movie coming out about Tim Ballard’s rescues called The Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel. It was premiered last year but they are waiting to release it until more people wake up to what is going on and can handle it.


This post is a very dark topic. It is real. I had known previously about human and sex trafficking through reading and hearing stories but didn’t understand until recently how very big it was. It is massive! When I started researching and telling my husband about what I was finding, he was sceptical too. I told him that IF only 10% of what I was reading was true then I was ok with people calling me a nut case or brainwashed if this leads to things changing. I can say that I have found evidence of much more than 10% and it has been heartbreaking. It has been a true dark night of the soul to see that this is happening….in this time….in this country….in our world! That the people in power know about it and have condoned AND many participated in it. I urge you to learn enough to understand that it is happening. I think that to make change as individuals and as a world that we need to confront the dark sides of our society in order to vow to never let this happen again.

Disclaimer- These blog posts are for entertainment purposes only. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and come to your own conclusions. It's time we get back to critical thinking. Be advised that many posts and links contain adult subject matter not suitable for children.