We are energy bodies!

Using our energies to heal ourselves


2/15/20222 min read

Several years ago, a Japanese scientist named Masuru Emoto wrote a book called "The Hidden Messages in Water" where he was able to use high speed photography to show how thoughts, words and feelings can impact water molecules and thus impact our health and the planet. It is fascinating to see the different changes that occur when different thoughts are projected onto the water. The molecules changed shape like snowflakes. *note- Picture is from Alaskan snowflakes, I didn't want to use his images without permission.

Studies show that the human body is made up of about 60% water in adults and up to 75% in infants. If our bodies are made up of a majority of water then it stands to reason that our thoughts and emotions would have a large impact on our bodies as well. A simple search of Kirlian Photography will show you beautiful photos of the energy that surrounds all things. Even a piece of carrot had it's own energy blueprint. Imagine what we could do for and to our bodies if we could harness our thoughts and emotions to stay in a positive state! Most people are not aware but ALL illness and disease can be healed. You can be well. Your thoughts can create abundance for you in whatever way that means.

I came across an app today and tried it for fun to see if my aura or energy field was visible. I am not suggesting this is 100% accurate as I don't know the technology that they used but I have to say that it seemed on point for me for today. My aura was overwhelmingly green representing operating from love.

My whole life I have been able to pick up on the energies of others. When I walked into a tension filled room, I felt it. If it was happy and joyful, I felt that too. I was well into my adult life before I learned how to release energies that didn't belong to me. I think the majority of us carry around energy that others have dumped on us. Once you know how, you can quickly release it and move on.

I would love to help you learn this. Message me if you are interested.