There are signs everywhere!

Don't ignore signs as they are telling you something important!


3/30/20222 min read

In the movie, Fools Rush In, the lead character was told to "look for the signs, they are everywhere". I have always been one to follow that advice because I don't believe in coincidences. On a spiritual level, they do not exist. Yesterday, something happened that proves my point.

I woke up to a small bird on a branch outside my window, tapping on the window with his tail. I laid there and watched him for a while going about his business. I proceeded to get up and go out to the living room to have my cup of coffee. Different room, different window and I hear a tapping on the window....another bird. The dogs hearing the noise began their barking which made the bird stop and then kept tapping on and off. Kind of weird to have this twice in one morning but whatever.

A couple of hours go by and I'm in my office working and you guessed it....yet again a bird tapping on the window there. By now it is catching my attention- what is this all about? The dogs keep going into attack mode...worried for my safety? This bird tapping went on! Each time moving to a new room and window. You are probably thinking they are seeing their reflection in my super clean windows and I can assure you THAT is not the case! I lost count at eight different times during the same day.

I decided to search the internet to see if there was some significance to birds hitting your window and of course I found an answer. See ( Birds are thought of as messengers from God and sometimes carry messages from deceased relatives. I had done a powerful meditation this same morning and felt a strong connection with a deceased loved one. Ok, maybe that was it?

Then the third explanation really made sense. Birds hitting a window can mean you are about to experience a positive change in your life. The blog author describes in Genesis 8:8-9 when Noah sends out the dove to see if the waters had subsided. So yes, I believe the significance of "my" birds means that change is coming and soon. The waters that we have all been under - pandemic, mandates, politics, wars, division, and on and on are about to subside and goodness will flourish upon the Earth. I think the waters will still get a little rougher before we hit land but just hold on tight. We are almost through the storm.

As a side note- I have not heard one bird tapping a window today. The dogs are sleeping peacefully. I hope this is a good sign.