Wake Up! Part 3

Biden- President or not?


6/9/20223 min read

Disclaimer- These blog posts are for entertainment purposes only. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. It’s time we come back to critical thinking.

By mid-2020, I was learning and noticing that the people we were seeing on our televisions didn’t look like they used to. Celebrities like Chloe Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston didn’t look like themselves in commercials. My brain wanted to believe they were the same because what else could it be but clearly, they had lost weight or had plastic surgery or? Melinda Gates had drastically changed.

I was noticing it in politicians too. Podcasters were confirming what I was noticing. Not only was Joe Biden not acting like himself, but he didn’t even look like himself. How do you explain that? Body doubles, dopplegangers, cgi, or cloning? I later found evidence in this photo below of Joe Biden before on the left and the one we see in the news now on the right. You can easily see that even the signatures are different. If you then search for the executive orders that Biden has signed since his Inauguration, the signature on the right is the one used but it is clearly not the same signature for the original Joe Biden. So wouldn’t that make the executive orders fraudulent? So if Joe Biden is not in office, who is running this show?

The 2020 election happened, and the world was in an uproar over the possible stolen election. I will do a blog about that at a later time. Inauguration Day for Biden and Harris showed many strange things. It was reported that people in Spain had seen the Inauguration video 10 hours BEFORE it even happened. So, it was recorded? Again, I can’t confirm this to be true, but it makes you wonder. Then we saw that the President was sworn in at 11:53 am which seemed odd when the transfer is to happen at noon. Nothing ever happens early, does it? The Bible that Biden used to take his oath was reported to have upside down crosses on it. I searched for it and can find no photos at his Presidential Inauguration but on his VP Inauguration it did appear to be so. For those that don’t know, the upside-down cross is a Satanic symbol. A DC reporter reportedly confirmed that there were no Inauguration activities in Washington DC on January 20th. Huh? Then there were the photos of Biden being sworn in with some photos showing a girl behind him with a mask on and in other photos she is not there. The video below shows the girl just disappear. None of what I am saying is earth shattering but makes you raise an eyebrow. We were hearing reports that military members turned their backs when Biden’s motorcade drove by. https://www.survivethenews.com/military-turn-backs-to-joe-bidens-motorcade/

Soon after the Inauguration, podcasters started reporting that Biden wasn’t even in the White House when news reports were filmed there. He was being filmed at Castle Rock Studios in Culver City California. See this video below where someone breaks it down.

Something very strange was happening and yet the mainstream media was not reporting on it. Only the podcasters and alternative media were reporting.

So who is in charge? What's going on? Next post should offer some explanation.

Melinda Gates has sure changed! Original in top photo.

How did the Clinton's change this much?

Not the same man/not the same signature