Wake Up! Post #8

Pro-Choice/pro-Life another way to divide us and promote the agenda

7/7/20225 min read

Many people ask me questions or ask for updates on what is going on. I want to mention again that my blog is not to FEED you information alone but to encourage you to do your own research. Watch the video links, use your search engines to search what you are seeing that doesn’t add up. Don’t stop until you figure it out. In this current world, you must seek the truth as it is hidden. I can promise you that when you do figure it out…… it is beyond AMAZING!

This next post is going to trigger some of you. That is not my intention nor is it my intention to convert you all to become pro-Lifers or even Christians. My intention is to present a side that you may not have realized since our media and education systems have not been presenting the truth. If reading a differing opinion triggers you then stop right here.

If you believe in God as the creator of all things and that God is the source of all light. (It doesn’t matter your religion or spiritual beliefs.) Then it wouldn’t be a big stretch to believe that God would be the energy behind the spark of light we see in this picture of conception. There are also videos online. If energy is light and it enters at the moment of conception then perhaps life does truly begin at that exact moment.

Disclaimer- These blog posts are for entertainment purposes only. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. It's time we get back to critical thinking.

Now we get into the debate of clump of cells vs baby. This website link has many videos explaining each process of abortion. This one is the induction process for later term babies. If you notice she uses the words “starving the fetus”, “kill the fetus” and cardiac arrest. Sounds painful to me! Not sure those words would be needed when referring to a clump of cells. Then comes the argument of viability outside of the womb and I would argue that I know of no infants nor toddlers that can survive outside of the womb without being cared for. Without proper nutrition and care, they would die. Click link: https://www.abortionprocedures.com/

Now let’s look at it from a spiritual standpoint. If one believes that the soul reincarnates into different persons in different lifetimes and that before coming back to earth a soul contract is formed whereby new lessons are learned in their new incarnation. (Please look into this if you don’t know what I am talking about.) What happens to that soul that wanted to come into the life that gets aborted? Was it just a bad decision on the part of that soul? Maybe there were lessons that all parties involved had agreed to learn but now they are cheated out of? Just posing the questions. I don't have the answer to that one.

Another argument is that if a woman gets pregnant through rape that she should have the choice to end the pregnancy. This is taken from a survey taken and posted on the Human Life International website (hli.org).

As you can see, the numbers for rape or serious medical conditions don’t compare to the reasons why it is done for social or economic reasons. For ectopic pregnancies, as an example, where the pregnancy is outside the uterus, I believe that is a medical decisions and not an abortion issue.

Now let’s look at it from a Constitutional issue. The Supreme Court’s only function is to decide on cases relative to the Constitution. If the case is not related to the Constitution then it goes back to the States to decide. (Bill of Rights, Amendment X). In this case, the Supreme Court is giving the power back to the states to decide. In essence, they were doing their job. Roe V Wade should never have been tried in Supreme Court to begin with.

Now let’s look at why the push for abortion. Do some research on Jane Roe (AKA Norma McCorvey). I listened to several interviews in the years after the 1973 decision. She sure flip flopped in her beliefs. Here are a few screenshots I found on Telegram that may give you some things to start researching. After listening to her interviews, I believe that she was used as a puppet to further an agenda. You will notice the same names pop up from earlier blog posts- Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Deep state.

Research Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and her connection to the Bill Gates’ father. Research where the majority of clinics are located. It is no coincidence that a woman that believed in eugenics and Bill Gates (college dropout) who has openly promoted “reducing the world’s population through vaccinations” would be connected. Listen to this clip at about the 1 min 30 second mark where he says it. Why is he even involved in science and vaccines?

Now here is where the whole abortion thing gets really evil in my opinion.

So why, would they care about aborting babies? I believe because there is money involved. If I have learned anything from my research, it has been to follow the money.

Did you know that aborted baby parts mean money? Big Pharma and the Food industry are big users of aborted baby parts. Fetal cells are in vaccines. Fetal cells are in our food products. There are many videos out there. Here is a small shot of foods that use Senomyx or fetal cells.

So, are you seeing that there is big business in abortions? Are you getting why the push to get laws passed to extend legalization to the third trimester? Is there any wonder why California is pushing to get AB 2223 passed which allows abortion up to 28 days AFTER birth? No other word except MURDER on that one! Now go back to my post about the Khazarians and their rituals of child sacrifice. I will let you put that connection together.

In my opinion, this has been a 50 year or longer effort to divide the country and promote financial gains for some while furthering the agenda of the New World Order to depopulate the world to get us to 500,000,000. If you haven’t looked into the Georgia Guidestones and what they are about, do so now. I don’t think it is a coincidence that they were blown up yesterday.